Monday, May 9, 2011

Florida Haunters converge on Ocala!

The Florida Haunters had their first Make and Take of the year in Ocala at the Marion-Dunn Mason Lodge thanks to Doc TerrorEyes, who also taught the flicker circuit building segment of our get-together (fantastic job on that Doc!)  It was a fabulous time, and I was so glad to be able to attend after a couple of years of not being able to go to any of the events due to work/money constraints.

We had a really good turnout for this one, and it was great to see many of my old friends and to meet some new faces as well!  I also had the opportunity to introduce Tom to my crazy little haunter family, and I think he'll fit in just fine.... as well as my son's girlfriend who also loves Halloween and wants to help out with the prep this year.  I'm really looking forward to the next one!

Here's a few photos from the day:


The Frog Queen said...

Nice work everyone!

I finally got to meet Bill at Hauntcon. Great guy - we definitely owe him one :)


GhoulishCop said...

I attend the NJ/PA M&T group and I gotta say, you Florida guys are...neat! Our group has what can probably be best described as "organized chaos," with sawdust flying, sparks shooting, and copious amounts of alcohol flowing (which really helps juice the sharp tools and incendiary devices we use). Our motto is "safety at some point!" ;>

Looks like you had a good turnout too. How many people usually attend your group events? Was this just a get-together, or are your M&T's always so meticulous? I really like some of the really nice props that were on display!


Ghostess said...

FQ - Yes, Bill is an awesome guy, we are very lucky to have him in our group!

GC - LOL, NOOO!!! We are usually not so neat and organized, especially if I have anything to do with the organizing... hhahahahah! We do some drinking when the location permits it, this time it was a no-no since we were at the lodge. There was an afterparty though, I heard it was fun, but I had to drive back home that afternoon and missed it.