Monday, August 23, 2010

Did I mention I collect magazines too?

I have always been a book-lover, so it's natural for me to collect Halloween books, but magazines  catch my eye too, especially when I have time to peruse them on breaks at work.  Lately, the fall and Halloween issues of the standard women's mags (BHG, Family, Southern Living, etc) have been showing up on the stands and they definitely have a way of catching my eye.  I picked up a copy of this season's "Taste of Home" "Ultimate Halloween" offering last week, and while it has a lot of cutesy things in it, the recipes are what really prompted my purchase.  (It's actually a softcover cookbook, but we'll call it a magazine since it was in the magazine section and all.  :)

I'm always looking for something different and tasty to whip up for the yearly event, and even though it's not happening this year, I want to get a jump on next year's party by scouring for new recipes to try out during my hiatus.  Now, there's always the same ol' thing in most of these magazines, but I did find a few things I want to try, and every one of these mags inspires me, so that makes it worth the extra bucks I spend on them.

A lot of what I love most about these kinds of magazines is the presentation of the food.  The spicy skeleton ribs and sausage stuffed slithery snakes above are two of my favorites from thes particular magazine.  (Though I think I would add some mozzarella cheese to the tops of the peppers after stuffing them and bake them in the oven for a bit instead of serving them up with the peppers raw.)

Anyway, Taste of Home doesn't disappoint this year, at least not me and I'm happy to have another Halloween reading goodie in my growing collection.  You can also check out the recipes in the Halloween section of their Holiday recipes on  Enjoy!


suzanne said...

I've had my eye on this one too. May have to pick it up (the magazine, not my eye) :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I picked this one up to....I just cannot resist these things...they call to me and I am weak :)