Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year

Greetings, friends (and non-friends). I'd like to start off by wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

A short recap from my last post to now:

Halloween was nice. A bit more quiet than past years, but nice all the same. My mom and her fiance were in town and she got to see my display for the first time. Both of my sisters came over and my best friend and her mom came by as well, so it was a cool night. I didn't go all out like I normally do, just as the party went, but to everyone else it was impressive. For once, I didn't stress out over last minute details. I even was in full zombie make-up by 4PM, which is AMAZING for me. Usually, it's dark before I can get a minute to get into costume. We had a lot less ToTs than previous years. Got in a couple of good scares, but it's hard to scare people when your nephews are giving away your location by talking to you. :)

Scary, huh? Even had maggots in my scars. :)

It took me several weeks to take everything down and get it all packed away. Some of it didn't even get taken down until after New Years. Call me lazy, I just didn't feel like bothering with it.

Thanksgiving was good. My sisters and their families came over. Yes, this year I had gravy. We had SO much food. It was a good time.

That "other" holiday was very low-key for us. We just chilled at home, no big dinner, nothing special. Sometimes, ya just gotta have an "off" year.

New Year's Eve was pretty tame as well. Andy and I went out to eat, and then headed to bed around 10. I was too tired to stay up for the countdown and all that mess after being awake for 26 hours straight.

My youngest had her birthday as well. She's 7 now, but thinks she's 37.

Last weekend, we all went to Savannah, Georgia. Visited Fort Pulaski and the Bonaventure Cemetery. Andy and I will go back to the cemetery at another time WITHOUT the kids. They kinda ruined the trip for me, just by being their usual "there's nothing in this for me" selves. I did get some great pictures though.

And that should be it as far as catching up goes. Work is still okay, I still enjoy my job - just not all the people I work around. I'm trying to catch up on all my forums and groups and working on updates for the websites. Looking forward to our next Florida Haunters make and take on Valentines Day - what a way to say I love you!!! Making props!!!!

Until next time, haunt on!