Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haunt Cast!!!!!

Show my buddies at Haunt Cast some love!  Throw a buck their way and give the show a listen!  

Prop-making supplies... what's important to you?

I was just sitting here, thinking about the tax refund that I'm getting back, and how to best spend some of it.  Now, part of the reason that I haven't really made anything new in the past 2 years is due to a severe lack of funds for supplies - along with low motivation.  I was thinking I could use some of the upcoming cash to put into my prop-making supply cabinets.  The most important things to me are: carpenter's glue, latex paint, DryLok, joint compound, liquid latex, assorted paint brushes (mainly chip brushes), and foam sheets.

I'm curious though, what would everyone else consider a "must-have" for their supply list?  I want to pick up a new medium in the hopes that it will spark some of that creative flow that I used to have, while I have the temporary means to try it.  Please chime in!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year (Hi 2011, please be a good haunt year!)

Well, already a week into January and I finally got the boxes put back up in the attic from Halloween.  Did the party, had fun, pics posted on the site.  I really REALLY hope I can get back into my Halloween groove this year.  I miss making props and getting excited about  October.  The past couple of  years have just been severely lacking in all areas concerning haunting.  Wish me luck, good karma, whatever.... I just need my mojo back.  :-(