Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009's Party at the Dead End

The story goes pretty much the same as last year, only this year we had only 14 guests actually show up.  I finally got into the spirit of things, late, but I did it... with only 2 weeks to go, I got the house ready.  I spent 2 days working on last minute stuff, food prep ALL day long on Saturday... all while being sick and in pain, even having to call out from work because I felt so bad.  But I kept going, just to throw this party together because I had already committed to it.  Had so many people, AGAIN this year, begging for invites, telling me how much they look forward to it, yadda yadda... that I didn't wanna disappoint anyone by canceling.

I did not enjoy the party at all.  I will not be throwing one next year.  I am very thankful to those friends who did come; they are good sports to stick around the completely boring party that was going on.  It was a lot of work, a lot of stress, for not much enjoyment.


All Together Dead said...

so sorry you are feeling under the weather and that your party didn't take shape the way you wanted it too. I bet the house looked fantastic and we would still love to see any photos if you have them.

Come to Ohio next year for a visit and let me do all the work and just sit back and have some fun!

Zombiefrac said...

so sad to hear this...this must be season of the no shows...know this - you are an inspiration to many/to me and your hard work is much appreciated. sorry that this season wasn't all that you had wished it to be and may you find your 'muse' for the season to come. Missing my fellow Florida Haunters.

Patrick Nottingham said...

I feel your pain. This is how I've felt for a while. It all became obligation, fun for everyone else, and no fun for me. Next year suggest to someone else to have the party and you'll help them get ready for it. Pot luck rules.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. I've been thinking about your party & how i'd love to throw or be invited to a party like that. You take it easy next year & enjoy the season. I'd also love to see your pics from this year. PB

Total Geek said...

I was sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the party this year. Your blog always peps me up and helps me get motivated. But throwing a party is a lot of work, especially with a job and kids and being sick! I sure hope you enjoy Halloween.

The Frog Queen said...

Really sorry to hear about the party. I know how dissapointing that can be.

I agree...if Ohio is just too close and you really want to travel....the Davis Graveyard will have you any time! :D

Happy Halloween.


Blasé said...


Peniwize the Clown said...

Just to let you know, three years ago my wife and I were talking about "maybe we should host a Halloween party" we came across your blog, your photos, your tutorials, and we were inspired! All the way down to the whole house full of gossamer. I am getting ready for 2010 and visiting your site as scheduled. I am TERRIBLY sorry to hear about your experience last year.

Thank you for the tremendous inspiration and I hope you find yourself in a better spot this year to just enjoy the holiday. Maybe swing by Salem or something, if it were not for our party, we would be there!

Happy haunting! And thanks again! Know that you are appreciated.