Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Getting close to Halloween 2016, where ya been Ghostess??

So, I finally have my own office/workspace with a DOOR to spend time creating my Halloween stuff and things for my Etsy store.  I moved Emily to Brandon's room and I took her room to be my space.  I've been spending some time in here, trying to get a starting point for working on props and stuff for this year's display.  I decided against having the party again this year as it just isn't financially feasible at this time.  I also took vacation, 12 days of no work to leave the house for, so I can devote most of my time to Halloween goodness.

I no longer work two jobs, so that's a plus.  I also recently got a promotion at work and moved to the daytime shift of normal people.  I'm still adjusting to being able to sleep in full blocks of time instead of a couple of hours here and there between work and home life.  I haven't spent as much time actually working on props or anything, but I have been doing a lot of jotting down notes, sketches and what-not for ideas for the future, especially next year's party.  I think I'm still suffering from burnout, mainly because I feel like I just can't top the last party's success, or give everyone something different and better every year.  It's a lot of stress of my own doing, because I think in my head that I HAVE to do better, bigger, MORE every year.  But now I have a whole year to work on it, and more time to devote to it, so I am confident that 2017  will be amazing.

Right now I'm concentrating on fixing and facelifting most of my old props that have suffered damage or aged ungracefully.  It's not October 26th, and I don't even have the first decoration out in my yard!  The good thing about my display though, is that it is simple to set up, and my family know what goes where and how to make it happen, so we can set up the bulk of it in one afternoon, and the next day I can tweak it with some details and lighting.  I might even be able to convince a friend or two to help us this weekend.

Speaking of friends...... A dear old friend of mine asked me to do an interview for his blog last weekend, discussing Halloween and all the fun stuff I do for it:

Give his blog a peek, he's a pretty darn good writer, and covers some interesting subject matter.

And on that note, I am ready to mix up some more paper pulp clay, and get dirty!

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