Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And so it begins...

This past Saturday, my son and I started to unload some of my Halloween boxes and things from the attic. Yes, it's only July, but you can never start too early in my opinion. I considered for a brief few minutes seeing how fast I can completely decorate the inside of the house this week. Then I thought, do I really want to live with the full-on Halloween look for over 3 months? Well, sorta, but I don't think the rest of the family would want to. It makes cleaning more difficult too. So I decided to just go with the original reason for going through the boxes: to decorate the formal dining room. I'm hosting a make and take for the Florida Haunters here at my house, and in addition to being a make and take, it's also a celebration for our one year anniversary for the website and forum. So, in honor of the event, I want to have the dining room decked out in full Halloween glory for our celebratory buffet. Of course, I had to pull all these boxes down, even though there's nothing in them that I'm using in the dining room because I couldn't get to the boxes I needed without moving stuff out. This is only half of the boxes, and no where near half of my stuff. That's 3 rows deep of stuff.

Bird Girl is in need of some cosmetic surgery again this year. My son's friends like to use her as target practice for air soft, much to my annoyance. I have yet to catch them in the act, they all insist it is "friendly fire" accidents. She has many pockmarks now and a large chunk torn out of her hair on the other side of her head. She's also lost one of her bowls again. The lizards love to sun themselves on her. I've seen birds out there perched on her head as well. I'll need to find a new home for her for the off-season since I planted a mimosa tree there in that bed. They sell statues similar to her now at Home Depot in a larger almost 4 foot tall size. I'm seriously considering buying one for myself, and one for my mom.



Spongebob said...

Hi, Deanna. Just found your blog and website and I know I'll be visiting very often. It's July and I just started pulling out my Halloween stuff as well, starting a new project for this year and looking over the broken stuff from last year. This is also the time when I start browsing the web for new ideas and I came upon your site. What a great find!

Huntsville, AL

Ghostess said...

Thank you very much Mark! I have a lot of stuff to fix this year and I can't believe I haven't gotten any projects done other than a few tombstones. I'm usually elbow deep in papier mache by now!