Thursday, July 24, 2008

Garage of Evil

If you haven't visited the Garage of Evil, then you are missing out! This website is run by two really funny guys, Steve and Geoff, and is chock-full of extremely useful information mixed with some totally humorous High-Life inspired quips. If you're trying or thinking about trying to learn how to control your Halloween props with non-manual controls, this is the place to check out. Steve takes you through everything step-by-beer-drinking-step to show how to set things up and get some action from those props. There are several how-to's, including the supah-bad BAPU (Big Ass Pop Up) and the talking skull Yorick. They have pictures of their own home haunts as well. You'll find links to suppliers and other haunts, some uber-cool technical articles, and all sorts of excellent bits of useful stuff when you poke around at the Garage. You can buy CDs of ambient sounds and other GoE merchandise too. There's also a Yahoo group that you can join, which we lovingly call the "Tree House".

Stop by today and be amazed at the wonders of the Garage of Evil, and tell 'em Ghostess sent ya so Steve will be nicer to me!

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