Sunday, September 7, 2008

Child's view of a cemetery

I recently took my 11-year-old daughter, Taylor, to one of my favorite cemeteries with me to take some pictures. I was going to go alone, but she actually asked me to go, so I figured I'd hand her a digital camera and see what she thinks is photo-worthy. We've done this before with cheap film cameras, but I still haven't gotten those developed. Anyway, we headed to Old Hickory Grove Cemetery in Green Cove Springs. This is what she saw through the lens.

And this is what I saw... She really got into it. She learned to discard the ones she didn't like or that turned out blurry. She learned to get close-ups and different angles. She basically mimicked me and is a quick learner. Now she wants to go into wildlife photography when she gets older. She did spend a large amount of time taking pictures of flowers, insects and dead rabbit carcasses... :)


Drop Gallow said...

She's got a good eye.
Love the spider pic.

missvee said...

I love her pix- it's awesome that she recognized the irony of life amongst all the death. But where are the dead rabbit pictures??

Patrick Nottingham said...

Kid has a pretty damn good eye. Looks like she needs to do this more often.


Great job and good eye, very much enjoyed the photos...a wildlife photographer...I think she's got the right stuff!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

What wonderful photos, she did a great job! The spider made me jump *shiver* I love your pictures of her in action.
I've never been there is by the Hickory Grove Church?

there is neat Cemetery over by St. Margarets too, I walk by it all the time. I love that there always seems to be kittys hanging around too.

Ghostess said...

Thanks y'all ! She definitely has an eye for catching nature. The dead rabbit pics turned out very blurry. She forgot to take the camera off the macro setting.

I'm thinking of taking her on walks with me through the woods to see what kind of pics she gets. It's a good long hike.

Cat - I'm not sure where the Hickory Grove Church is, but the cemetery is on the right hand side of the road on 16 going toward GCS JHS, up on a hill. It's a really creepy cemetery, which is why I love it so much. The newer one is right across the street next to the funeral home too. I've been to St Margarets, it's a nice one, and the old church is just beautiful!