Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mmmmmm.... beeeeeer....

As I was walking some opened food merchandise to claims, I passed the "great wall o' beer" in the back room, and something caught my eye: a pumpkin. I had to back up and do a double take. Sure enough, there was a case of beer there that had pumpkins on the box! I decided I must have it. So yesterday, I picked up a 6 pack of Blue Moon's Seasonal "Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale".

I saved it all day, waiting patiently for prop-building time, when it would be most needed and useful. Now, it's been a while since I've had a beer, so I was really looking forward to this. I LOVED it. It's a good brew, with a hint of pumpkin and spices. Went down really easy and didn't leave a bad aftertaste. I've never even tried any of the fall seasonal beers before, so I have definitely been missing out. It's a good companion to the other tools in my propmaking arsenal. :)

More info on Blue Moon's fine beers: Blue Moon Brewing Co.


Spongebob said...

This is funny, Deanna. I just bought a six pack of this same beer yesterday. It's been available for several weeks now, but I've been waiting for the true feel of fall to indulge. I thought it was pretty good beer, but the flavor of pumpkin was so faint, I could hardly even taste it. I've had other pumpkin ales with a much more obvious flavor. Of course, for some people just a hint is plenty and others can't get too much. I guess I like the taste of pumpkin to much I should just drink my beer from a jack-o-lantern.


Christie said...

Sounds good to me. I've enjoyed my visit, great blog.

Dean said...

Howdy! I just checked out your Dead End blog and had to let you know how impressive your work is. I'm an artist in Atlanta, love Halloween and am BLOWN away by your creativity. (I'm actually jealous because I don't own my own home, so I can't decorate like I would like......but, one day it will happen). Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and advice and creating a sensational haunted home. :-)

Charlene said...

They also have a "full moon" blend which was popular at our Halloween party this year - complete with picture of a full moon on the black and blue label.

Just the Right Size said...


I may have met you before....many, many a moon ago when I was at my haunting peak in Orlando. I think it was 1999 and I hosted a haunter's gathering at my house (our haunt was called McCarthy Manor).

Anywho, a couple of years after that, I was divorced and donated ALL of my props to the Melbourne Jaycees for their fundraiser haunted house. Now, 5 years later I'm rebuilding and remarried to a WONDERFUL man who digs (pun intended) what I do.

Anyway, check out my Blog (not halloween related) but I did a post this week about Pumpkin Ale's.