Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dollar Tree's offerings for 2009

I decided to get in the spirit of Halloween by visiting the closest Dollar Tree today with my daughter and we picked a few things out to bring home with us.  They had some usable new stuff, a lot of the same boring stuff as every year, and some really cutesy stuff that I totally passed right on by.  I saw a few painted signs I liked, so I grabbed them to put in my kitchen:

They had some of those small resin tombstones again as well, but I only snagged two of those that I didn't already have:

There were some small crows, so I picked up a few of them.  I wish they'd had these small skeletons last year when I needed them.  I paid like 5 bucks a sheet for 8 of them last year at WalMart, when this year they are a buck for a sheet of 4 at Dollar Tree.  I plan on making some of Willy's Fairy Art with them, so I bought a few sheets of them.  I also got a small black sparkle skull too... dunno why.  It looks more like it's coated with tar than glitter, but that's fine by me.  :)

I found some bottle labels that looked alright too.  I have about 50 wine bottles that I picked up off someone via FreeCycle, so I can use them for some of those.  I thought about using the wine bottles as invitations and making my own labels... but I decided against it.  Anyway, there are 8 labels in the package, 4 different types - 2 of each.

And I totally could not resist these socks!  


Damien Stafford/ The World Inside My Head said...

We don't have any of this stuff except the mini tombstones at out dollar tree. Bummer.

Damien Stafford/ The World Inside My Head said...

I want a set of those signs so bad. they would go great with my other one I have in my living room!

The Frog Queen said...

Cool find. LOVE the socks. We don't have the wine labels at our store....rats!


All Together Dead said...

we must have been shopping at the same time I got all the signs you did and a few more along with a case of the skeleton garland...LOVE the socks!