Sunday, September 6, 2009

Invitation inspiration

FINALLY! I have been inspired! I was perusing the party section of, and I came across this thread:

I absolutely LOVE these invites (Cover shot pictured above)! Kudos to BevAnn for coming up with these fun little spell books. Very creative, and lots of room for individualizing them. The more I think about what I want to do for my own invites for this year's party, the more I really am leaning toward doing something like these little gems. I have been really getting annoyed, because my mind just is not cooperating with me in the Halloween sense lately, and seeing these mini spell books totally jolted me into creative mode. Exactly what I needed!

So, I was thinking, if I did something like these, of how I would give them an overall look. I'm leaning toward the usual tea-staining (I really love tea-staining, the whole process is fun to me) and maybe aging with paint like I did on my foam witch spell book. (Pictured below)

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All Together Dead said...

Those are very nifty, can't wait to see your finished project.... I found inspiration for my invites this year from your little dangling hung skeletons... after wrapping mine up I am going to mail them out in wrapped empty paper towel tubes..