Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evil Doll

So, back around the "other" holiday, my sister and I were working in the toy section of our store, and there was this baby doll that a customer squeezed and it GROWLED! We played with that doll half the night, and I said I wanted one for Halloween. Well, I got one for the "other" holiday - as a gift from my sister! This doll is a trip... the laugh it does is really cute, but that growl thing it does is downright perfect for a haunted nursery type display. I plan on painting her and making her "special". Anyway, here's a short video of her little sounds. The growl is at the end of the video. I wish there was a way to have ONLY the growl play and not the other two segments of laughter.

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Drop Gallow said...


You know, after you're done 'Halloweening' her, even the laugh will seem creepy.