Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm going to Iron Stock!!!!!!

On my Florida Haunters Forum, my friends and I were discussing IronStock for this year. It is the LAST IronStock and I have never been once in its 9 year history, but I always wanted to attend. This year is the 10th anniversary of this event and subsequently my only chance to go. For those of you who do not know what the hell I'm talking about, IronStock is a yearly gathering for haunters up in Tell City Indiana. There are demos, games, activities, contests, and all sorts of fun stuff going on the whole weekend. It starts off with a meet 'n greet on Friday evening, then all day Saturday is spent at the fairgrounds for all the fun stuff, with the day ending at the Weasel Ball costume party, which includes a fashion show by some of our talented costume makers, and Sunday marks the end of the fun with some more demos and such. This is a total haunter's social paradise in my eyes and I can't think of a way to meet more of my peers in one spot.

Anyway, I was chit-chatting about it on the forum, kidding that I was going to sell a kidney or one of my kids to go this year. My husband later asked me if I wanted to go for real, then told me that I was going. Apparently, his boss informed him that he was getting a bonus, so he decided to use part of it for my trip to IronStock! He knows how much it means to me to go and wanted to make it happen. So, now I'm going to IronStock this year and I gotta say, I am STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!


The Seance Room said...

That is a very nice husband of yours! Have fun at IronStock!

Jennifer ( said...

I will look for you there!