Sunday, August 3, 2008

Haunt Space

This blog has been moved to another page dedicated to things that are still Haunt related, but that really make me mad so that I'm not gunking up my Halloween blog with drama.

The original post can be found in its entirety here:

I apologize to anyone who wasted their time reading about the recent drama of Haunt Space. Everyone else, y'all know where it is, and where you can find me.


Mark said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles at Haunt Space. I just posted a link to your Dead End site from my blog - as I've long admired your home haunt ideas - and then followed the link to make sure it worked, which led me to that post.

Since you've been around the Halloween-L, I've always thought you were very polite and extremely generous with your ideas and knowledge. It's a shame that anyone would try to turn that against you, particularly since you were trying to benefit a good cause.

Here's hoping a few hurtful words from trolls doesn't spoil your haunting. Good luck with all your projects for this year, and remember to keep your chin up and that the clock is ticking down toward Halloween!

Ghostess said...

Thanks Mark. Stuff happens, people make mistakes, and some people run off at the fingers. At this point, I'm just tired of getting the blame for the lingering problems.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I'm so far behind this year already, and time will be very scarce for me for the first time ever, so I should really start to hunker down soon!