Saturday, August 9, 2008


As some of you may already know, one of my sisters, Rosie, was born on Halloween. I can't think of a better day to have as a birthday. We always got together with the cousins over at my grandparents' house for cake and trick or treating. My love for the day started way back then. It was always extra special for our family. Even though we don't all do the family thing anymore, those memories still hold a place deep in my heart. My grandma and mom went through some old pictures and sent them to me. I'd like to share those memories with you all. Above and to the left is my sister Rosie and below you can see her assorted birthday cakes over the years.

Our Grandma always made the birthday cakes. One of the things I remember and love the most about our childhood is helping her in the kitchen. That spawned another love of mine: baking. This is me helping make my own birthday cake one year.

My mom always made our costumes herself. Pictured here is me, Rosie, our cousin Shannon, and in front are cousins Joey and Tommy.

Same suspects, plus some. Me, Joey, Shannon, Babs, Rosie, Stephanie, Justin, Tommy and the baby Ryan. I'm sure I screwed up who is who, but with masks on it's hard to tell.

More of our motley crew. My cousins Shannon Justin and Ryan were not in this picture. I believe this is when they lived in Orlando...

My sister Babs over the years.

More Babs.

And Rosie the birthday girl.

More of Rosie.

And little ol' me.

And the man who sat back and gave out the candy like a trooper, my Granddaddy.


Garage-of-Evil said...

There was something so wonderfully cheesy and honest about the store bought costumes back then. I still remember looking forward to picking out my mask and highly flammable vinyl wrapper every year. Hopefully I find a pic of my Gene Simmons costume to send you.

Ghostess said...

LOL I agree... although my sisters and I only had the plastic and vinyl things REALLY early on. Mom sewed a lot of our clothes back then, and she made the best costumes ever. My all time favorite was the princess costume she sewed for me. (Even though I was a major tomboy, I still treasured that girly costume.) I look forward to seeing you as Gene

Spongebob said...

Wow, Deanne. Those were some fantastic photos! You are very fortunate that your parents took so many photos of you when you were young. My folks took very few photos and so I have no pictures of me in costume, only my fallible memories. Of course, my wife and I have not made that same mistake. We've overdone it.