Sunday, August 10, 2008


We have a discussion on the Florida Haunters Forum about spiders currently. I figured I'd show off some of my little friends in the yard, so I went out this morning and took some photos with my trusty little Sony Cybershot.

This is an orchard orbweaver, beautiful colorful little spider with a body about the size of a kernel of corn and long spindle legs:

I dipped this house spider out of the pool. She is about the size of a half-dollar including the legs. She was skimming across the top of the water trying to find a way out of the pool.

This beauty is a spiny-backed orbweaver. They're often called crab spiders, but are not the "official" crab spider (which has long front legs and tiny bodies and look reminiscent of scorpions). These orb-weavers make beautiful webs. This particular female is about the size of a dime.
I was hoping to find a big banana spider, but for some reason I don't have any in my yard right now. Maybe I'll head out to the trails later and see if I can find one to add. I love spiders, I think they are fascinating. I am not too fond of the shorter hairy ones, but the ones with long legs and bright colors are fun to look at. I will, however, dance like it's nobody's business if I happen to walk into a web. :)

Oops, forgot one! I took this picture one night while watching this huge yellow orb-weaver work on her web. She has a habit of building it under the oak tree in my next door neighbor's yard, and her web is SO big that it comes down from the oak tree into the grass in the middle of our driveways. Nothing like walking into that at night. She's nocturnal, and can fully build a web within an hour. Mind you, this is a 6 foot tall web, 3 feet across. In the morning, before sunrise, they eat their webs to regain moisture, then go and hide in the trees and bushes during the heat of the day. She is a scary looking thing from underneath. Her body is the size of a nickel.

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