Friday, August 1, 2008

Word for today: Livid

It's not entirely Halloween-related... well, kind of, but really more people-related. Today and yesterday I am feeling the negative emotions that are best described by the word "livid".

I was just sketching in my little ol' sketchbook and ended up with what resembles a very angry cartoon version of me. I feel like I probably have an alternating black and red aura about myself today. I won't bother going into it all, but dang it's got me down.

And while I'm thinking about it - if anyone has any negative comments for me, please post them here so that I can actually read them and they not get deleted before I even get the chance to respond.



I find the word "livid" to be highly sounds a lot like liver which is gross and even worse..spelled backwards it almost become "devil"..well almost.

Please delete your post so I can sleep at night and continue on with my meager existence playing with papier mache paste and searching the web for pictures of boobies.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter!

Hope that cheers you up! Cheers!

Ghostess said...

I'm so offended by your papier mache paste comment which reminds me of pasties - which I saw a really small set of once on a really large woman's boobies on the internet. Some things you just cannot unsee!

Thank you Scott, this put a smile on a face that has seen a lot of frowning the past couple of days. :)